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But how is a serviced office organised? Does each client have his own independent space?
The reception, hallway, kitchen and bathroom facilities of a serviced office are public spaces, whereas the other areas are separated and independent.

What is the procedure for using the meeting rooms?
The meeting rooms are used according to a booking system managed by the receptionist, who also controls the cancellations. Presentation facilities are also available on demand.

What are the contract terms?
The traditional lease operates under the three-month rule, with automatic renewal.
Why using a serviced office instead of a traditional one?
> The company overheads vary according to the office space requirements.
> You can easily increase or reduce your office space based on your requirements, on a pay-as-used basis.
> You can have access to administrative assistance and support as well as office equipment on demand, without having to hire a permanent staff or making an investment.
> Immediately operational – the moment you decide to start a new business, your office will be promptly available, without the need to wait for telephone and electricity connections, the delivery of furniture, etc.

Why choosing this serviced office?
• It is located at the green heart of Turin, only five minutes away from the city centre
• You will not waste your precious time looking for a parking space
• Your clients will be fascinated by the architecture of the building
• We offer a personalised and tailor-made service
• • Our prices are very competitive
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